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Global Air Product Information

cut metal parts laid out in order on a table
Whether its turbine engine components for the aerospace industry (including both commercial aviation as well as defense and military applications), transmission parts for the automotive transportation industry, or high-performance parts for the motorsports industry, Global Air brings its relentless focus on quality to every project.
Turbine Engine Components
Airplane manufacturers need turbine engines, also called gas-turbine engines. Inside those turbine engines are a variety of components, and Global Air specializes in machining certain turbine engine components that are used throughout the aerospace industry in both commercial aviation as well as the defense industry for military applications.

Regardless of the specific application, aviation requires higher attention to quality than most industries. After all, taking flight is no small feat, and the physical forces at play in a turbine engine are extreme. The metal components we make for turbine engines must be able to withstand very high temperatures and incredible stresses experienced during operation. Global Air take pride in having achieved aerospace quality certification AS9100 as well as a coveted and even more stringent Rolls Royce Certificate of Approval for the turbine engine components we make.

Transmission Parts
The subsector of the automotive industry Global Air most commonly serves are companies that make transmissions for commercial-duty vehicles, such as trucks, coach buses, firetrucks, emergency response vehicles, tractors, school buses, construction vehicles, military vehicles, mining vehicles, motorhomes, port vehicles, and public transit buses.

What all these different kinds of vehicles that help get work done across America and beyond have in common is a transmission. Inside all those different transmissions are metal plates that separate various transmission components. These metal separator plates must have dozens of different holes and slots that allow for the flow of oil and provide passage for wiring.

The vehicles into which these transmissions are installed are called upon for heavy-duty usage, which means our metal separator plates must be strong (up to an inch thick) enough to withstand high stress along with highly precise placement of the holes and slots. Global Air has perfected the process of machining these transmission parts with precision, quality, and durability needed to keep the nation’s hard-working vehicles moving. We also have the capacity make a huge variety of metal brackets used in a wide variety of applications in those same vehicles.

cut metal parts laid out in order on a table

High-Performance Racing Components

Given our location in Indianapolis, it should come as no surprise that Global Air has proudly served the motorsports industry. When racecars are hurtling around a racetrack such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it is critical they minimize the space between them and the asphalt. In fact, it may seem like there is nothing separating the car from the track, but there is. Global Air makes undercarriage plates for racecars. Quality in this environment calls for very tight tolerances while achieving durability and strength while keeping the component as lightweight as possible. It’s a high-performance context requiring the highest precision possible, and we deliver. We also have the capacity to make all manner of metal brackets used throughout racecar vehicles.

Experience the Global Air Difference

When your company needs a metal part made right the first time, Global Air has the machining expertise and equipment to get the job done on-time while maintaining the highest industry standards in the quality of our products. We invite you to learn more by getting in touch with us through the  Contact Us page of our website.