Industries Served

With a well-earned reputation for quality, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service and support, Global Air has been serving the machining needs of customer clients in the Aerospace (both defense and commercial), automotive, and motorsports industries.

Quality Makes Us Global

The Aerospace Industry

engine under wing of large aircraft
Like most modern industrial economies, the US aerospace industry has a commercial sector (commercial aviation, and now also commercial space travel), as well as a blend of public sector and private sector partnerships serving military needs with defense-related applications. Global Air takes great pride in having successfully served the defense and commercial needs of customer clients in the aerospace industry since our inception by producing superior parts and components for turbine engines. Our certifications not only demonstrate we have the capacity to deliver results to meet the unique, stringent quality standards of the aerospace industry, but also to do so while maintaining all the security needed when working on defense and military-related projects.
The Automotive Transportation Industry
The extent to which the US economy depends upon motorized vehicles to get work done cannot be overestimated. Whether it’s trucks for transporting and delivering goods, school buses carrying children to the nation’s schools, tractors on farms, emergency response vehicles, and fire trucks to a host of other commercial-duty vehicles, they all need a transmission. Global Air produces the high-quality transmission parts that keep our nation’s working vehicles moving, and has the capabilities to supply the critical components required for the emerging EV Industry”.
The Motorsports Industry
Making parts and components for the motorsports industry takes the same kind of rigorous, relentless focus on quality. After all, when those parts and components are going to be used in race cars whipping around a crowded track at high speeds, there is a lot at stake. High-performance products that are as lightweight as possible but strong enough to withstand the intense forces at play is a specialty here at Global Air.
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Whether in one of the industries we serve or another that needs the kind of precision and quality Global Air brings to every project, we invite you get in touch with us through the Contact Us page of our website to learn what we can do for you.